Tutor Stories

Don Olson

As a part of Reading Corps, you really get the satisfaction of knowing you made a kid’s day.

Hanna Le

I learned English through one-on-one tutoring – I know it helped me. Individual tutoring sessions are often better for learners.

Kimmy Gaul

I think Reading Corps is pretty special because sustained consistency in tutoring can be rare. It’s the individual, targeted interventions that make the difference.

Beth Murphy

When students are better readers early on, they have a greater passion to learn in all aspects of life.

Michael Kujawski

Reading Corps not only has the best intentions, it is data-driven and has evidence based practices to back it up.

Malik Rodriguez

I enjoy Mondays. When I start the day, the kids are excited to see me and share what happened over the weekend. It brings me such joy.

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